Experts in attracting and recruiting students and graduates

CompanYoung is a full-service partner for companies, educational institutions and organisations, specialising in talent acquisition and recruitment marketing. We provide world-class solutions in order to attract and recruit students and young, talented employees.

Value creation throughout the entire recruitment process

As a full-service partner, we assist throughout the entire attraction and recruitment process. Our solutions are built on our deep insight into the behaviour of today’s youth, enabling us to execute recruitment strategies and campaigns that make an impact. Both management and implementation of the recruitment process are supported by our four business units.


We plan and deliver effective attraction and recruitment strategies and campaigns.


We collect, analyse, and publish insights on Generation Y, Z, and Alpha.


We develop tools and technology to support, enhance, and improve attraction and recruitment of youth.


We develop, increase, and optimise direct interaction with a younger audience.

Our experience shows that an efficient and successful recruitment marketing strategy is based on four key elements:

  • The right employer brand and digital storytelling
  • Insights about your target audience
  • Innovative tools and software
  • Well-executed interaction with candidates throughout the process

Data based marketing is the key to success

We are consistently collecting and analysing data about today’s youth, ensuring that our recruitment marketing campaigns are always based on the newest knowledge and the latest trends.

young people are a part of our panel, Generation Lab
yearly survey respondents
yearly focus group interviews

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